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User experience and User interface (UX and UI) are fields of software design focused on providing the most comfortable and intuitive way of using web and mobile products. There is no doubt that the development phase is important, but the UI/UX design is responsible for the visual side of the application and can determine its success. Working with a seasoned UX/UI agency can provide a significant difference in quality and make your digital product extremely attractive to every potential user.

Everything is destined to fulfill its purpose and usually, the main goal is to give value to your potential customers. A raw line of code is meaningless to the end-user. But if you cover it with a functional and eye-pleasing layer of design, there is a possibility that someone will fall in love with your product.

Modern UX/UI design needs to drive attention, but it also has to be elegant and professional. Everything depends on the industry you operate in. Some businesses will benefit from bright colors, funky animations, or bold illustrations. Others need clear elements, toned palettes and smooth fonts. Our design team always matches their ideas with your digital strategy. No matter if you need a mobile app or a website, we have experience in doing them all.

There are two areas of digital product design that are the core of any design agency. These abbreviations might seem a little mysterious, so we will explain why they are essential and what they are responsible for.

UX Design

User experience (UX) means all emotions and feelings people have when they use your product or service. UX design must make them as positive as possible by providing extraordinary functionality and usability of an app or a website. It also takes care of such aspects as user-friendliness and intuitiveness of interactions between a digital product and the user.

To offer top UX services, a design agency should research user needs and pains, understand the advantages of the competition, find out the expectations of potential and current customers, and propose a digital product structure. They create wireframes and prototypes for the client to showcase their ideas and solution proposals.

It’s a challenging job that requires multiple skills and knowledge about various aspects of human behaviors and preferences. Critical thinking, the basics of marketing and the ability to meet business goals and clients’ needs are characteristics of a great UX designer. They also need to cooperate with a UI designer closely.


UI Design

User interface (UI) design carries all the necessary measures to allow a human being to interact with a digital product. Designers that work in this area of expertise need to know graphic design, branding, sometimes even front-end programming.

Frequently, UX & UI are confused with each other. There are many common grounds where they meet, but we need to distinguish them from each other. There is a reason they are separate terms. A UI designer decides where the components of a product should be, how to distribute the content and what are going to be the sizes, colors and fonts in the app or website.

They need to keep in mind all the findings brought to the table by the UX team. Then, they have to make it intuitive, attractive and easy to use. Also, if a company that collaborates with a mobile and web design agency like WebCom doesn’t have a logo and visual identification, the UI designer can prepare branding for them.

UX/UI Design Process

Step by step, we create UI & UX for your digital product. It continues throughout the various stages of development, as we need to iterate regularly and eliminate elements that are not suitable for your digital strategy or your clients’ needs.

Here are the main steps you will have to take throughout your collaboration journey with WebCom as your UI/UX design agency.

UX/UI Workshops

We always start with workshops – that’s our recommendation to all clients. The product owner has a chance to meet with the team for two days. It’s not only for integration but above all else, to discuss the details of a mobile application or a website we will work on later.

We use various tools and techniques to find out as much as we can about the brand, the product and the potential user. Many UX/UI companies offer similar workshops, but not all of them use Agile methodologies. Our client-oriented approach engages all parties and they actively participate in the process.

Example? We write user stories that are descriptive representations of functionalities we need to develop. We also pick technologies for mobile or web design. Our designers draw prototypes – first on paper before they go digital. Such workshops are super-insightful and helpful.

Digital Product Design

A website or a mobile application can become a reality with the help of our UX/UI team. At this stage, they create digital prototypes based on user stories and other arrangements. With each iteration, they become more detailed and more unchangeable. A lo-fi prototype is presented to the product owner to be opinionated and eliminate elements that are not crucial to their digital strategy.

Then we have hi-fi prototypes that are clickable and start to gain initial colors or typography, and begin to look like a proper digital product. It’s time for the last remarks because once the development begins, the changes should be symbolic. Following this plan will save time in production and prevent many defects.

Quality Assurance

Testing is not only about the code. Of course, our QA specialists need to check if every module works as supposed. They examine integrations, determine how a website or an app handles traffic overloads and make sure there are no significant errors. But tests can also be conducted to evaluate if a digital product looks like it was discussed during the workshop.

Testers are responsible for finding out if the software is intuitive, easy on the eye and will bring a positive experience to the end-user. UI/UX design agencies should offer a complete set of tests that focus on all the layers of mobile and web design.

Release and Maintenance

As a UI/UX design agency with experience, we provide technical support even after your app or website premieres. We understand that receiving user feedback can be a reason for adjusting particular components to their needs and desires.

Your digital product should always offer a flawless user experience. Also, if you want to expand your software, we can continue our collaboration and create more extraordinary features.


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